Squirrel Antics in Cape Town

Squirrel Antics in Cape Town
What are you doing up there?

I just love squirrels they are these crazy little creatures that are always buzzing around with way too much energy.

Approaching me very cautiously

Staring contest

They are super inquisitive little creatures and here in Cape Town they have taken over the Company’s Gardens. This garden is perhaps the Central City’s most favourite outdoor space and certainly feels like our very own mini “Central Park”. On weekends the park is filled with people picnicking and feeding the little squirrels that fill the place. It is perfect for sunny days in Cape Town when you need a break from the city itself.  The squirrels are by now so used to people feeding them that they expect it and look so confused when you don’t offer them anything.


I learned this the hard way and had to walk all the way back to the entrance of the park to go and buy a couple of packets of peanuts to keep the little creatures content while I stalk them with my camera. I know that Squirrels are a kind of small rodent but they are so weird that I love them.

I came back with NUTS!!


The eastern gray squirrel which is found here in Cape Town is one of very few species that can descend a tree head-first. It does this by turning its feet so the claws of its hind paws are backward-pointing and can grip the tree bark. I tried capturing this but they moved too fast for me and by the time I had zoomed in they were gone again.


What is that in your hand?

At first the little squirrels were quite sceptical about this person brandishing this black camera in their faces but after a while they actually came and inspected the camera and I got a couple of great close-ups of them.



    • Oh wow, I have unfortunately not had the chance to visit Canada yet but would love to! I set my camera on a sports setting as you are right these little creatures rarely stand still. I admit loads of the photos are still blurry but with the sports setting I did end up getting a couple of good shots.


      • Please do! If you ever plan to, let me know and I can perhaps offer some ideas.
        Ah yes… the trusty sports setting. I’ve had good luck with it with my older point and shoot cameras but with our DSLR, we’re still trying to figure it out. I actually wonder if a tripod would help but that’s useless with running critters (and our baby :D).


  1. My favourite spot in Cape Town. I worked at ‘Nellie’ for a month when I first arrived in CT many moons ago, and had a daily walk through the Gardens on my way to and from the railway station. You got some great shots of those cheeky squirrels 🙂
    Jude xx


    • Thanks Jude! What a lovely walk! I walk through St Georges mall on my way to work so unfortunately I miss the Gardens but its a lovely place to spend weekends. I work in the Cape Quarter district at the moment. Slowly getting to know the area on my lunch break walks.


  2. Great! You got so close! It’s funny, I have been trying to take pics of squirrels myself recently but they were so fast I couldn’t capture them. Good thinking for the peanuts. 😉


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