Wordless Wednesday : Snake Wine

While travelling around in Asia I found Snake Wine almost everywhere. I still cant believe that people actually drink this stuff!!!

Snake Wine


  1. Don’t drink it. I visited Lao and tried a little. It sent my heart racing and my friend had the same reaction. Not sure what it is laced with? My advice leave to the locals.
    However, nice pictures.


  2. I once saw an episode about this on Animal Planet or something… but not about snake wine… I guess in China there’s a huge market for tiger wine. A lot of the Chinese believe that tiger wine has amazing medicinal properties. I guess it’s a big black market and there are a lot of tiger mills.
    Well, now that I totally spoiled the mood…


  3. When I was in the army we trained with the Thai special forces, after the training we took part in a ceremony which we drank Cobra blood with Cobra venom in it… not bad.. 🙂


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