Food Market of Phnom Pehn

The local Food Market is a Colourful, Noisy and Smelly Asault on the Senses

Food Market of Phnom Pehn
The Local Food Market of Phnom Pehn

Asian food markets are the best places to experience the culture and the people. It is here that you get to shop and eat like the locals. The local Food Market in Phnom Pehn is not aimed at tourists so you don’t find any souveniers here but what you do find is way more interesting. The market is filled with colourful fruits and vegetables, second hand clothes, fresh meat, eggs and random religious items.

Food Market of Phnom Pehn
Any eggs?

 The early morning rush hour makes for a confusing, dirty but  lovely photogenic scene. Early morning the stalls are still stocked with eggs and fresh produce and is filled with locals doing their daily shopping. The Food market we visited is located on the river at the south end of the Old French Quarter, Old Market ( Phsar Chas), and is apparently one of the most crowded markets in the city.

Food Market of Phnom Pehn
Food Market of Phnom Pehn

Although there is not much of interest to the “tourists”, Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh is still a must see during a Phnom Penh tour. The whole reason for travelling is to experience the world and its customs. The best way to do this is to go off the beaten path and into the local neighbourhoods.

Food Market of Phnom Pehn
Dont know if I want to try this….

I read that the market is an ideal place to try some local cuisine and delicacies. There are several small food stalls offering what looks like small crickets or worms and some of the things on display I could not figure out what it was. I was a bit skeptical about trying these “delicacies” as I could not identify what they were and definitely didn’t know how they were prepared.

Food Market of Phnom Pehn

Greeted by the bright colours and sounds of this market was a bit overwhelming at first as it attacks the senses but it is definitely worth a visit. I cant say you get used to the smell but it gets a bit more bearable as you move past the fresh meat stalls into the fruit and vegetable section.

Food Market of Phnom Pehn
This is where they prepare their dishes

Where else would you find someone selling cooked crickets along with snails or some duck eggs along with meat hanging out in the open heat with flies buzzing around it? The market is filled with sights you will never see in any European cities and is an amazing experience.

Food Market of Phnom Pehn
Meat anybody?


  1. Great virtual visit Janaline! This week I also featured some of Cambodia in my post. Sadly we didn’t get to Phnom Pen, which I very much regret. Thanks for taking me there at least this way!!


  2. It is certainly not for tourists. But every country is different. In Greece, you’d find dressed rabbits with their head on hanging in the meat stall. You just have to have an open mind. And if you are looking for something sanitary and clean, this is not the place for you.


  3. Certainly is photogenic – like you I think I would struggle to eat the ‘delicacies’. Nevertheless this is an excellent photographic representation of your experience


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