Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a City of Organized Chaos

Ho Chi Minh
It really looks like you will be electrocuted just walking down the street

One of the first things you notice in this bustling city is that the streets are covered with electricity and phone cables making everything look cluttered. I was quite amazed that people don’t shock them selves and that there aren’t constant electrical fires breaking out all over the city. 

Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh City

It looks like every inch of the city has been built on. The only place you can find greenery is in the few parks dotted around the city and on people’s roofs, which they turned made into rooftop gardens.

Ho Chi Minh
Looking out over Ho Chi Minh City

Most buildings are at least 3 levels high but only one room wide. The only windows in the house are usually on the front or at the back if you are lucky and it is not too tightly squeezed against your neighbours. But the ceilings are quite high and thanks to this the rooms feel quite spacious and not too hot in the summer.

Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh
The side walks turn into parking
The side walks turn into parking

When you walk around town it’s like being on a survival course. First you have to dodge vendors trying to sell everything from copied books to old war Zippos. Then there’s all the motorbikes that cover the sidewalks using it like a parking area and if you step into the street to walk around them you can and probably will get hit by a motorbike or bicycle carrying up to 5 people at once!!

Bikes of Burden from Vietnam
The norm is up to 3 people on one motorbike!
Ho Chi Minh
5 on a bike!!`


  1. Love they way you review the city, and those pictures are the proof :)) Have to say that reminds me of some cities I have visited in Indonesia..but the five in one back is a record I have ever seen!


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