The Beautiful Sights of Bath

A Walking Tour Through the City of Bath

The Beautiful Sights of Bath
Starting my walk through Bath

For those who love walking and want to explore everything a city has to offer I definitely recommend a self guided walk through Bath. I got myself a town map and then walked around getting to see the beautiful architecture of the city up close and personal. I did this same walk acouple of times and every time I would actually see something new that I had missed the previous time.

Theatre Royal
The beautiful Theatre Royal of Bath

I started at the Abbey Churchyard and headed towards the Theatre Royal. This theatre has a Victorian entrance which is quite strange on such a beautiful Georgian building. I was lucky enough to get a shot when the horse-carriage passed in front of the old Theatre. You can go on horse-carriage tourt through the beautiful city, something I would love to do someday.

I passed the elegant Queen Square which is the professional district of Bath onto the famous “Circus.” As it was late Autumn and had just rained that morning the streets were quite deserted and  the lureof sitting in a warm coffee shop with a book was quite strong.

 famous "Circus."
You can see the acorns on top of the famous “Circus.”

I spent quite a while walking around the Circus admiring the frieze of 528 carved symbols running around the front of the curved terraces. You will note there are huge acorns on the top of the parapets and yes, I counted them again to make sure that there really are 108 of them.  This beautiful building was built in 1754 and was supposedly inspired by Stonehenge. I wouldnt mind living here but I read somewhere that even a small appartment here can cost something like a million pounds.

Royal Crescent
The amazing Royal Crescent
Royal Crescent
Royal Crescent

From the Circus I walked along the cobbled lane of Brock street up to the Royal Crescent.  The same lane that they walked along in one of the Jane Austin movies. When this Crescent was built in 1767 it had wonderful sweeping views of the hills and Avon valley. There is still an amazing view over rolling hills and a huge park in front of this beautiful building.

Jane Austin Centre,
Jane Austin Centre

You can not live in Bath and not visit the Jane Austin Centre, it is quite small but super interesting especially as some of the scenes from the movies were actually shot right here in Bath. 

The city Bath at a glance
The city Bath at a glance


  1. Loved Bath when we were there. Remembering reading Jane Austen books back in high school – my first introduction to Bath and this was where I (Le) wanted to go, so dragged David there when we were in England in ’06. Would love to go back again so thank you for letting us pseudo-visit through this post 🙂


  2. It’s truly very beautiful there Janaline and I enjoyed the walk with you. Stunning shots hon. Now you will have to excuse me so I can go and fall down somewhere and rest. 😆
    Thanks for sharing. ♥ Hugs ♥


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