The sights of beautiful Oxford

The sights of beautiful Oxford

A great way to explore Oxford on a cold autumn day is definitely by taking the City Red Bus Tour!

This city tour lasted approximately 1 and a half hours and my mom and I had a fabulous time. We were quite glad that we did remember to bring our gloves as we sat on top and it got quite chilly in the early spring weather.

Oxford is home to the oldest University in Britain and definitely an architectural marvel. We had fantastic views of its honey coloured buildings as well as tantalising glimpses of the hushed courtyards of its many Colleges.

We got to gaze at the beautiful buildings of the colleges from the top of the open double-decker bus and got a better picture of what the city looks like than just walking around the streets with our map.


The bus made numerous stops along the tour route so  we got to hop on and off at various of the beautiful buildings which we then explored to our hearts content.