A stroll along the Avon River in Bath, England.

The Avon River flowing through Bath
The Avon River flowing through Bath

While living in Bath I got to know the city quite well and my favourite thing on Sundays were to take long walks along the beautiful Avon River that runs through the city.

The Avon River flowing through Bath
I actually lived just around the corner from where I am standing on the bridge
The Avon River flowing through Bath
The beautiful Parade gardens
The Avon River flowing through Bath
I love the angel looking out over the Garden and River

Unfortunately Parade gardens are only open from April to September so I never actually got to go into these beautiful gardens that were at river level and actually just around the corner from where I lived. 
These delightful gardens are Bath’s most centrally situated and popular pleasure grounds overlooking the River and Robert Adams Pulteney Bridge. The bedding displays are among the finest in the country and they have an annual 3-dimensional floral features which I thought were absolutely stunning.

Parade Gardens
I just love the 3d flower displays in Parade Gardens

But my favourite part about the Garden was the beautiful Angel looking out over the Avon River.

Parade Gardens
I love the Parade Gardens angel
Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge is regarded as one of the worlds most beautiful bridges as it is one of only four bridges lined with shops in the world. It is lined with shops on both sides. In spite of its practical origins it is surely the most romantic bridge in the world, best viewed from Parade Gardens park by the crescent weir.

Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge one of the most beautiful bridges in England

There was always a crowd on Putney Bridge which I escaped by ascending the steps at the end  of the bridge. There is a lovely little cafe where I usually ended up with my book while looking out over the unusual water features of the Avon River.

Pulteney Bridge
I love the water features of the river


  1. You lived in Bath too? When? I studied there in 2011 while working as an intern at the Holburne and as a tour guide in Bath Abbey. It was marvelous….one of my favourite cities in the world!! I’d certainly love to go back one day…. 🙂


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