Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is built on a mass grave

Bath Abbey
Me standing in front of Bath Abbey on my first visit
Bath Abbey
This is the entrance to my shared flat in Bath

Moving anywhere new is scary and if you don’t know the place or anybody living there it makes it even scarier. The first time I actually moved somewhere where I didn’t know a soul was to Bath in the UK. I moved into a shared flat right next to the river and across the street from the Beautiful Bath Abbey. I arrived mid autumn and was welcomed by the famous dreary grey skies of England.



Bath Abbey
The beautiful Gothic structure of the Abbey
Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

That first weekend I went to explore the Bath Abbey also known as the Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This beautiful Gothic Abbey was built in the 7th century and restored in the 1860s. The square in front of the Abbey was filled with people admiring the magnificent architecture of the Abbey.

Bath Abbey
The peaceful inside of Bath Abbey

Pilgrims and visitors have been made welcome at Bath Abbey for hundreds of years and stepping into the Abbey I understood why. The Abbey has a magnificent faulted ceiling that I sat admiring while listening to the beautiful choral music. I love the quiet and peace found inside churches as it always makes me feel warm and welcome in a new place.

I read that last year (August 2013) they discovered that for more than 300 years, thousands of people have been buried just below the stone flooring of Bath Abbey. They say it is estimated that up to 6,000 bodies have been “jammed in” to shallow graves under the church’s grave ledger stones.

Bath Abbey
A violin player stood infront of the Abbey playing

Three different churches have occupied the site and since the early 1500s, so they think thousands of people have been buried under the building after they removed more than 10 boxes of human remains.   This is eerie and I think a bit disturbing. To think I lived close to an undiscovered mass grave and walked over it more than once. I am quite glad that I found this out only after leaving Bath as I am sure I would have had nightmares about living next to this Abbey built on graves.



  1. Interesting story, thanks for sharing!

    My current building is built on a land that used to be a graveyard for undesirables, such as the homeless, prisoners and plague victims. No apparition so far. 🙂


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