Lunch with a breathtaking view at La Petite Ferme in Franschhoek

La Petite Ferme
La Petite Ferme

I was told that lunches at La Petite Ferme are legendary, not only for the rustic cuisine but also for the stunning view. I was definitely not disappointed!

La Petite Ferme
The fabulous view!

Before being seated we went walking through the gardens with the vineyard as the garden boundary.  Here we stood looking out over the green valley  filled with its CapeFynbos framed by the magnificent grey FranschhoekMountains. You can also come and picnic on the lawn in front of the restaurant which looks like the ideal place for a romantic date.


La Petite Ferme
What a fabulous place to Lunch!

The food of La Petit Ferme definitely reflects the creative energy of this vineyard. All the dishes are prepared with fresh local ingredients which you get to enjoy with a tasty glass of wine.


La Petite Ferme takes pride in delicately hand-crafting its wines and they do go fabulously with all the dishes on their menu.  Glass windows overlook the rolling lawn that encourages you to have a post-lunch coffee or another glass of wine. 

La Petite Ferme
La Petite Ferme

Enjoying good food with great company in this beautiful setting was the perfect way to spend my afternoon.

La Petite Ferme
La Petite Ferme


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