Stark Conde

The wine tasting room of Stark Conde is situated on its own little island!!

Stark Conde
Walking over to the tasting room of Stark Conde

My first official wine tasting since I have moved to Stellenbosch started with a morning spent relaxing at the beautiful Stark Conde wine farm.

Stark Conde
Our view while wine tasting

My friend Vincent took me to this family owned winery which is located in the beautiful Jonkershoek Valley of Stellenbosch. It is actually 20 minutes away from where I am living at the moment but felt like I was stepping into another world.

Stark Conde
Sitting on the tasting island at Stark Conde

We drove through the vineyard into a small valley nestled between the beautiful mountains. The aroma of roses planted all along the vineyard fills the air and you adding to the relaxed atmosphere of this wine farm.

The tasting room is small and intimate and  is  actually built on its own little island. Stark Conde definitely offers not only great wines but also a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. 

Stark Conde
Fabulous views while wine tasting

With grapes harvested from some of the highest altitude vineyards in Stellenbosch, winemaker Jose Conde and team meticulously handcraft their award-winning wines. We got to taste about 5 of these fabulous wines during our visit. Unfortunately I could only take small sips of the very tasty wine as I was designated driver for the day.

We spent the morning enjoying this very relaxed wine tasting experience and were definitely not in a hurry to move on to the next wine farm on our list.

Stark Conde
Looking down at the tasting room of Stark Conde


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