A Sneaky little Yellow Hunter

Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
A flower bush filled with crawling caterpillars
Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
One of these days the vineyard will be filled with butterflies!

Hot, Sunny weather, Good Food, Family and Great Friends, that is everything South-Africa holds for me. I have just moved to Stellenbosch in South-Africa where I am staying with my family on their small vineyard “Aan de Vliet”. Each morning after breakfast I go for a relaxing stroll through the farm gardens or around the small family vineyard. I am thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and the cold morning breeze that usually blows across the adjoining mountains.

Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
Trying to get some close-ups of the caterpillars

On my first walk through the garden I came across a bush filled with bright yellow flowers and what looked like hundreds of caterpillars.

Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
My first glimpse of the Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
Sneaky little Yellow Hunter

I had loads of fun photographing these tiny hairy little creatures until I noticed the little bright yellow hunter among them! This sneaky little critter blended in perfectly with the bright yellow flowers on the bush…the perfect place to hide while hunting.

Sneaky little Yellow Hunter
Sneaky little Yellow Hunter


  1. What a cutie! Looks like a Yellow Crab spider Janaline. The caterpillars are just as cute! Great shots and thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


  2. So what plant is this that these caterpillars love so much? It doesn’t look as though there will be much left of it by the time they have finished!

    How lovely to have family in Stellenbosch to go back home to. Are you planning on staying in SA for a while then now Janaline?


    • The poor little bush was stripped of all its leaves by the time the caterpillars were done with it….but a garden filled with butterflies will definitely make up for it.
      I know, I am so lucky to be able to stay with family in the beautiful Stellenbosch. I will be staying here for a while as I am currently looking for work in the area….


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