Fresh from Yangshuo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh from China

Fresh from Yangshuo
Fresh from Yangshuo

Fresh. The definition for fresh has a bit of a fork in it – it’s a state (new, recent, previously unknown) and it’s a taste or sensation (cool, sweet, invigorating, refreshing). Fresh homegrown fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia picked in the early hours of the morning, and carried down from the hills of Northeast China, to be sold in Yangshuo.

Overflowing from the baskets are beautiful purple mangosteens which are sweet, tangy and juicy and green Lotus seed pods which are of great importance to East Asian cuisine and used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine.

Beautiful green Lotus seed pods
Beautiful green Lotus seed pods


  1. Gorgeous picture. I have never known that such those fruits basket are carried on a woman’s shoulders. I have plenty of lotus fruits at home, but never known either if it is edible and used as medicines too. I thank you for sharing this remarkable post. 🙂


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