Having a salmon sandwich before my Une sushi experience

Eating Sea Urchin sushi, an experience I don’t want to repeat

Daikokusan sushi bar
Daikokusan sushi bar

I LOVE sushi and while living in Japan I made a point of eating sushi at least once if not twice a week! My favourite sushi bar in Japan was a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Machida named Daikokusan, a couple of metro stops from where I lived.

 I love these places where you sit at the bar and just take sushi off the conveyor belt. All the plates are different colours and at the end of the meal you pay according to the colour you took.

The first time I sat down the chef put a glass with forks on the conveyor belt and looked quite happy when I took hold of chop sticks and ignored them. Guess they get lots of foreigners who want to eat sushi but cant use chopsticks as this area had a lot of tourists.

The "kitchen" is situated within the conveyor bar
The “kitchen” is situated within the conveyor bar
Chef "wasabi overkill" at work
Chef “wasabi overkill” at work

He made the best sushi ever!!
He made the best sushi ever!!

Before moving to Japan I was not a fan of wasabi and rarely had any on my sushi. At this restaurant the sushi chef actually puts wasabi on the sushi before handing it over to you. In any other place you would be able to sctatch it off but here I sat at the counter and he could see me. I didn’t want to insult his food so ate it and felt my nostrils and taste buds burn away. I tasted wasabi for the next couple of hours so couldn’t really appreciate the sushi I was eating! I dubbed him “Chef Wasabi Overkill”!!

After a few weeks of slowly and meticulously burning my taste buds away with all this wasabi I actually started to like it. I started to add extra wasabi to my sushi whenever I ordered it at another restaurant.

Having a salmon sandwich before my Une sushi experience
Having a salmon sandwich before my Une sushi experience

Once in a while I would try out a new unknown sushi just for the fun of it, some turned out to be great others I never tried again.  The one night “chef Wasabi Overkill” handed me some UNE sushi to try. This is sea urchin sushi and was most definitely the worst thing that I have ever tasted!!! Actually I have never up until know tasted anything as foul ever again. It tasted like seawater filled snot and I would have definitely spit it out if the chef wasn’t staring at me to see if I liked it or not. I had to focus very hard to smile and swallow while all I wanted to do was spit it out and wash out my mouth!!

First time ever that I wanted to be sick while eating sushi!

Luckily most of the kinds of sushi I tried were great and here I got a taste for eel, it is now always on my order list at a good sushi bar.


  1. I told the sushi chef here that I like uni (sea urchin) because it was too strong…mushy sea water something or other. He asked me to give it another try. He “torched” it (cooked it a little) and put some seasoning on it, and I tasted it again. It was awesome.
    Guess I just don’t like it raw.

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  2. Hi Janaline, I am trying to build a small list of places where I can go to eat in Tokyo on a potential visit there. What have been your favourite restaurants/eateries there? Ones you would go back to (aside of ramenyas since I’ll have just 1 week there, so little time in queues at ramenyas).

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    • The only place I would definitely recommend would be the stand-up sushi bar in Shibuya, but I cant remember the name of the place now, sorry. Other than that I usually ended up going to random places all over the city and I usually found them by accident I would be able to find them again.


  3. My family loves sushi too. We had the chance to try sea urchin and didn’t like it either but I understand it is super popular in Japan.

    Our favorite sushi restaurant, The Crystal Fish, is in Monterey, CA where we used to live. But it’s also where we learned that eating the wrong kind of sushi can be bad for the environment. We’re seriously overfishing bluefin tuna, for example. So we started using the Seafood Watch Sushi card to help us choose sustainable sushi. I thought you might be interested: http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/cr/cr_seafoodwatch/sfw_sushi.aspx

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    • Thank you Angela. Believe I would have spit it out immediately if the chef wasn’t staring at me while I ate it! I can honestly say you are not missing out on anything if you don’t try it!


  4. That place is still in Machida, I still go from time to time and It is still delicious! I think chef “wasabi overkill” is still working there too.

    I used still in every sentence then….

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  5. Great post, excellent photos! I’m the same about eel, I got a taste for it (grilled) in Japan and nobody here believes me that it is really good… all the more for me 🙂

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