Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This weeks Photo Challenge is Beyond. In Jerusalem I shot this photo from the top of a small hospital. I had an amazing view of the Old City of Jerusalem.  I captured the old buildings of the city in the background as the first thing your eye actually catches is the cross in the foreground.
Jerusalem beyond the cross
Jerusalem beyond the cross

The Old city of Jerusalem is filled with church domes. If you look past the dome in the front you will notice that beyond is the dome of the Dome of Rock Mosque!

Jerusalem beyond the dome
Jerusalem beyond the dome

The view of the Old City is absolutely breathtaking!!



    • Hey there. Yes, I think I did take from the top of the Hospice. Was actually just following some people I overheard going to a place with a great view over the city so didn’t really pay great attention to where I ended up.


  1. Wonderful shots! I LOVE Jerusalem! Lived in Tel-Aviv for 2 years a long time ago and tried to get to Jerusulam whenever I could. Thanks for the memories in sharing your stunning shots!


    • I have only been to Jerusalem once and fell in love with it!!! It was amazing and I will definitely be returning there. There is something new to experience around every corner and just walking around the Old City is an experience.


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