Travel theme: Liquid

This weeks Travel Theme is Liquid. There are so many things I want to post under this theme but its nearly time for me to leave Moscow so I decided to post a photo of one of the beautiful fountains found right in the heart of Moscow.

This fountain is in the Alexander Gardens right in front of the Kremlin. I just love the sculpture Tsereteli’s work, his huge bronze sculptures can be found dotted all over the city



    • I have been living and working in Moscow for the past 2 and a half years. I teach English as a second language and that gives me the opportunity to move around quite a lot. I loved living in Moscow but it is time to move on, time for a new adventure to start!!


        • My son Eli studied abroad there the year before last and loved it. He is going back on a Fulbright from March to December to teach English. We went to visit him while he was there, and it is a very interesting place. Buenos Aires was okay–but Salta was really amazing. Do you speak Spanish?


        • Unfortunately I don’t speak any Spanish, but that has never stopped me from moving to another country. I do try and learn the language of the country I stay in. I have tried Japanese, Vietnamese and Russian up until now but must confess that I am have not been very good at it and rarely passed beginner stage. On the positive side, I think that Spanish would be way easier than these other languages so there is always hope for me!!


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