Novodevichiy convent

Adel and I at the entrance to the Convent

Autumn in Novodevichiy convent

Day 2

Autumn in Novodevichiy convent

This morning Adel, Adriaan and I headed out to Novodevichiy convent. We had a great time walking around the monastery and even went through the cemetery and looked at the tomb stones of some famous people buried here.

Adel and I in front of a small chapel in the convent

Autumn in Novodevichiy convent

Autumn in Novodevichiy convent

Head stone of Boris Yeltsin in the cemetary

Having a cup of coffee in a small Russian Café

We had coffee in a small Russian Café on the way back to the metro and went up to VDNKH exhibition center.

Adel and I in front of the cosmonaut statue

VDNKH exhibition center.

Our first stop was at the cosmonaut statue close to the exit of the metro station.  We took a late afternoon stroll through the exhibition center to show them all the Russian communist buildings.

Adel and I at VDNKH exhibition center.

Adel , Adriaan and I sitting in front of the Friendship Fountain at VDNKH exhibition center.

On the Moscow Ferris wheel,

In the Southern area of the site near the central entrance there is an Amusement Park with the Moscow-850 Ferris wheel, built in 2004 as part of Moscow’s 850th anniversary celebrations. I am very scared of heights but was convinced by Adel to join her on this Ferris wheel. I spent most of the trip holding on for dear life and trying not to look down!

For dinner that night we had sushi at Nagasaki sushi at Tverskaya.