Russian pharmacy close to my flat

When you are in a foreign country and can’t speak the language things get very interesting. Just buying flu med can take me a while, trying to explain to the woman what is wrong and then hoping that the medicine she sells me is what I need as it’s all in Russian.

Inside the pharmacy, everything is behind glass so you have to ask for things

So I was a bit reluctant to go in and actually try to by the “pill”. I looked up the Russian word for contraceptive pills but obviously did not pronounce this correctly as the woman just stared at me. I tried again but had no luck so decided to resort to drawing pictures or miming. I drew a little pregnant woman, pointed to it and said no, finally I got some response. Unfortunately the wrong kind as she returned with a pregnancy test.

I then drew a tablet and mimed me drinking it and then again pointed to the pregnant picture saying no, don’t want that.

Finally, she went and returned with a lot of different kinds of contraceptive pills. I couldn’t understand anything so just went for the mid priced one, hoping that I wasn’t going to poison myself.

Another Pharmacy on on the other side of my flat