Exploring Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg

The start of a wonderful day spent in the sunshine!!

Day 2: Sunday

We had a good nights rest, although it didn’t get dark. The sun sets around 1am and rises again at 2am. After applying a couple of plasters to our already blistered feet we hit the road to Peter and Paul Fortress for the day.

A baby bear cub!!! Never thought Id see this in St Petersburg!!

On our way to the fortress we came across a guy with a little bear cub! We got to touch and pet the baby bear named Lubaba. It was so cute and I actually got to touch a real bear cub!!!

I got to touch and pet the bear cub named Lubaba.
Having some lemonade while overlooking the Neva River

The Fortress dates from the founding of St Petersburg in 1703. From around 1720, the fort served as a base for the city garrison and also as a prison for high ranking or political prisoners.

The Cathedral in side the Fort
The Cathedral is the burial place of all Russian Tsars from Peter I to Alexander III

It was weekend so the place was teeming with people and tourist groups- we couldn’t even enter the Cathedral as it was too crowded with huge tourist groups. The Cathedral is the burial place of all Russian Tsars from Peter I to Alexander III, with the exception of Peter II.

Walking on the wall of the Fortress

So we just walked around the Fortress, we got to walk on the wall surrounding it and back along the beach that was covered in people sun bathing.

View of the Neva River from the walls
A row of Canons standing inside the Fortress

We decided to spoil ourselves with a lovely dinner at a special place each evening so during the day we settled for hot-dogs as our lunch. All over the city there are hot-dog carts-“Stardogs” and the hot-dogs are quite filling and cheap.

Waling along one of the many canals in St Petersburg
Me standing on one of the many beautiful bridges crossing the canals
Pub named Liverpool!! The inside is filled with Photos of the Beatles

We headed back up Nevskiy Prospect and found a fabulous steak house named Liverpool!! The atmosphere inside was great and they had the best chocolate pudding. Warm chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside!!

The menus are inside record sleeves!!
And the menu is actually on a record!!

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