Giraffe and Blue Crane by artist Mak1One

Giraffe and Blue Crane by artist Mak1One

As we walked down Frere Street, Woodstock during my street art tour we came across these beautiful Blue Crane and  Giraffe pieces. The giraffe is done by Mak1One, who is portraying the saving of these giraffes. There are only about 2500 left worldwide. Its sad that people still hunt these beautiful creatures. The Blue Crane is the…

Butterfly World

Weekly Photo Chalenge: Eye Spy

This week, take “eye” as your inspiration for the weekly photo challenge. I got to visit Butterfly world in Paarl, South-Africa yesterday and got some great “eye” shots of some of the beautiful animals there. Butterfly World is a tropical garden filled with exotic butterflies, birds and other animals. .  

District Six Museum

10 Things I learned at the District Six Museum

District Six Museum is in the former inner-city residential area, District Six in Cape Town, South Africa.  The Museum was established in December 1994 to remember the forced removals of the people who lived here during the years of apartheid. Visiting this museum I learnt the following things… This area was named District Six when it became the Sixth Municipal District…

Some of the thousands of skulls dug up in the Killing Fields

Weekly photo challenge: Creepy in Cambodia

 This week, share an image of something creepy. Unsettling. Eerie. Disgusting. My most unsettling and creepy travel experience was visiting the Killing Fields of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. This mass murder site, where the Khmer Rouge executed about 17,000 people between 1975 and 1979 is definitely very unsettling. The place is filled with mass graves containing…

Streetwires, home to a shop and working artist’s studio in the picturesque Bokaap, Cape Town.

Wordless Wednesday: Cape Town street art

Streetwires, home to a shop and working artist’s studio in the picturesque Bokaap, Cape Town. Streetwires was started in 2000, and this Proudly South African project provides training, support and materials to unemployed people who in turn use their artistic capabilities to create African wire and bead art. Published as part of Wordless Wednesday.

Train station signs

Wordless Wednesday: Train station signs

Usually you find signs like “mind the gap” or “dont stand too close to the tracks” at train stations like this one. Here in South Africa we also get signs that say ” dont climb in or off the train through the window” and ” Dont smash the train windows”…… Published as part of Wordless…


The foreigner tries Kung-Fu

While living in Ho Chi Minh City I tried to experience everything about the Vietnamese Culture and decided to try something ” Vietnamese”. So I went out and signed up at a local pagoda in my neighbourhood for Kung-fu classes. I was so excited at the prospect of learning a martial art that I didn’t even…

Cape Town Minstrels

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

The weekly photo challenge vivid imediately bought to mind the bright, intense and cheerful colours of the Cape Town Minstrels. In CAPE TOWN, South Africa you get to watch these colourful and brightly dressed mistrels parade the streets as they celebrate the Tweede Nuwe Jaar event ( Second new years ). The Cape Minstrels (also known as the Kaapse Klopse)…

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh – Spring in Japan

The Freshness of Spring creates the perfect atmosphere for rejuvenation and well-being. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, and the sun warms the earth. There is definitely a sense of renewal and new life all around. The appearance of the Cherry blossoms in Japan bring with it an energy of change and something new. The fragrance of the fresh…

Rule of Thirds in Bali

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds in Bali

This weeks Photo Challenge, compose your subject off-center, obeying the Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is a photography concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-center, which usually results in blank space in the rest of the image. The “Rule of Thirds” one of the first things that budding digital photographers learn about…

Luxor Temple

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry – Egypt

Symmetry. Architecture that is balanced in its use of lines and shapes creating rhythms in the structure.  These are the magnificent pillars found at Luxor Temple in Egypt. Its amazing what can be built without the help of technology.   New to The Daily Post? Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re invited to get involved in our Weekly Photo Challenge to help you meet your…


Seagulls: Garbage men with Wings.

Seagulls screech and they are loud and smelly. They are scavengers, nuisances and known as garbage men with wings. This is still my opinion of them although I had loads of fun photographing them in Hout Bay Harbour. As I was walking around Hout Bay Harbour the seagulls were flocking and my presence didnt even…

The rainfall on this side is much higher than on the other faces, hence the dense vegetation

The most Beautiful Garden in Africa

I live 10min drive from the most beautiful garden in Africa, and one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is set against the eastern slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain and definitely lives up to its reputation. The entry into this beautiful garden is R45 so its well worth…

Red is Leister Square

Wordless Wednesday: Red is Leicester Square

Leicester Square is London’s home of entertainment. This is where you can enjoy a west end show, an international cinema premiere, relax in one of the many hotels, restaurants and bars or visit one of London’s top attractions. With Trafalgar Square to the south, Piccadilly Circus to the west, China Town to the north and…