Meet Janaline

Hallo Moscow!!!

Hallo Moscow!!!

I am a South-African girl who is addicted to travelling and seeing the world. I was born with the travel bug.  You could say it’s a curse, because the adventure of travel is all I ever think about. 

I love exploring and travelling around the world and am having lots of fun sharing my travel stories and pictures so that you can see why I love it so much. I have been travelling and working my way around the world for more than a decade now and have had some amazing experiences along the way.

When you live in a country you get to experience it from a different view than that of the ordinary tourist, I think it’s the people of the country and the little crazy everyday things that keep it interesting.

One of the biggest misconceptions about travel is that you have to have a stash of cash to be able to take big trips.  It’s simply not true.  You don’t have to be wealthy, or even make an above average salary.  You just have to choose travel over “stuff”. 

I got to have a Cormorant on my arm!!!

I got to have a Cormorant on my arm!!!

Here is a taster of my travels up until now as I still need to type up and blog about a lot of these adventures:

My first job abroad was in the Bahamas and Caribbean on a cruise ship. I swam with stingrays at Sting-ray City and drove down the Mexican coast of Cozumel on a moped. Loved New York and Charleston- would go back any time. Moved to England for a while where I stayed all over the place. Bath was the best place to live but ended up in Cambridge.

Backpacked through Spain and Portugal, even made a pit stop on the island of Majorca. Fell in love with Barcelona, the art, people and definitely the seafood paella. Grenada took my breath away and had too much port in Porto.

Had a snowball fight next to the Eiffel tower in Paris and stuffed myself with chocolate crepes. Had a break in Egypt where I saw the sun come up over the Valley of Kings and Queens in a hot air balloon. Duck and dived the traffic with my bright yellow Honda cup motorbike and enjoyed the sunshine in Vietnam for a while. Got lost while exploring Angor Wat in Cambodia while drinking cafe sau da.

On my way to Japan I made a pit stop in South Korea to taste kim chi. Stalked the geisha in Kyoto, Japan before heading to Hiroshima for a sad memorial service. Lived in the desert of the UAE for a while, even rode on a camel! Had my full of baklava in Turkey and walked along the Via Dalarosa in Jerusalem during Christmas.

Me in front of the East Glorius Gates we just walked through to enter the Forbidden City.

Me in front of the East Glorius Gates we just walked through to enter the Forbidden City.

I lived in Russia for 2 years and learned to appreciate good Russian vodka. I walked the streets of St Petersburg during “White Nights” and mastered walking on snow and ice during the cold winter. I walked along the Great Wall of China after cruising down the Yangtze River during my China Odyssey. My next adventure took me to South America. I lived and worked in the street art filled Santiago, Chile for a couple of weeks where I got to stand knee deep in snow on the Andes Mountains.

I have just made the big move back to South Africa and am now working at Pentravel, a Leisure travel company in Cape Town as a Travel Agent! I cant wait to see whats next.


My challenge to you:  Choose one place that you want to go, and pick a date in the next nine months to go there.  Buy your plane tickets immediately.   Once you do that, you are committed!  Get excited and make a promise to yourself to do this every year. 

I love my Stitch ears!!

Feeling like a kid in Disneyworld!!!

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478 thoughts on “Meet Janaline

  1. Hi Janaline. Thanks for following our blog. Our goal is to entertain and give useful tips about wherever we are. I hope when you were in Santiago you were able to visit Valparaiso and see the street art. Cheers.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog recently, as your visit led me back to you. Your worldwide travels are an inspiration to stay engaged and in awe as we travel, wherever the roads take us.


  3. You must be an amazingly strong and brave girl to undertake all those adventures! I’m green with envy:) I’d love to travel all over the world. How do you find work in all these places?


  4. I think you really need to get out more!
    Only joking of course… Just look forward to seeing what you get up to through your incredible blog.
    Also to thank you so much for taking tbd time to visit my own.
    Happy travels my new friend
    Kind Regards


  5. Hi Janaline!! Loved your blog. We both have been bitten by the worm of travelling, and I do not want a cure. I have been travelling from long time now, recently thought why not pen down all my travel tales . Glad to be following you on your journey.



  6. Hi, your fantastic blog makes me smile and feeling light and happy! Thank you!
    And thanks for all the likes and for following, most appreciated! 😊


  7. Wow, you really get around! I’m totally with you on needing to live somewhere to get to know all of the little oddities! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking a ton of posts :) Linda.


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and following! your journey so far sounds amazing…not many people live their dreams….glad that you do! Hope your journey takes you to many many more exciting lands and cultures.


  9. You had me at hello!!….You’re so awesome….
    Very impressive. Envious of all your journey and I love your writing.
    Hopefully one day I can achieved what you have achieved.


  10. Hey girl… Where are you at now? Imma be in Japan in November hitting up some geocache locs and shooting pix. Would love to connect and break bread together.


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